Sunday, July 14, 2013

I Am a Morning Person

"They're so beautiful when they're asleep.  I mean REALLY, REALLY beautiful.  Exquisitely, divinely, transcendently beautiful."

I believe God crafted children to require a couple more hours of sleep per day than their grown-up parents for a very specific reason: sanity.  I love that extra hour (two if I'm very, very lucky) of peace and quiet at the end of the day.  Some nights it's productive time, on others it is my much-needed kick-back time with book or game or movie.  Early morning hours are even better, more of a sacrifice to get them, but so, so worth it.  I thought once that sunrises are a daily love-letter from God, and I never wanted to miss another one.  I've missed a lot since thinking that, but it still makes me smile and say "I love you, too" on the mornings I make it up in time.

I think I like mornings better because I never waste them.  I never get up and think, I've had it with this day already, I'm just going to relax!  No, in the morning that extra time is both golden and well-spent.  I'm fresh, enthusiastic, optimistic, and I just had a love-letter from my all-powerful creator Father.  How could I then squander that all-too-precious gift of time?  I am a morning person.  Definitely.